Real Time Data Graphics

Nazaré canyon area Monitoring system

From this application raw data graphics might be obtained automatically, by equipment that comprise the monitoring network of the Nazaré canyon.

The Data transmition in the case of oceanographic buoy,is made in one hour regular period of time. This data availability in real time is made in two hours optimized time interval.

Instructions for use

In the left figure are represented the equipments which compose the Nazaré canyon monitoring system.

  • Oceanographic buoy (Oceanic and coastal)Oceanographic buoy (Oceanic and coastal)
  • Tide Gauge (Peniche and Nazaré)Tide Gauge (Peniche and Nazaré)
  • Meteorologic station (Ferrel) (Weather station)Meteorologic station (Ferrel) (Weather station)

Available GeoRSS Feeds

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