Model Comparison

As with the comparisons already available on our website ( between SWAN (Simulating WAves Nearshore) model results and data collected by the buoy network, also the results of the comparision between model results and data collected by multi-parameter buoys, from the MONICAN project, will be made available monthly for the parameters: significant waves heigth, average direction and peak period.

This project is also integrated a weather station located in Ferrel - Peniche. Therefore, comparisons will be made between records from the meteorological multi-parametric buoy and those obtained by the weather station, for the parameters air temperature, atmospheric pressure, average speed and maximum wind.


MONICAN project parameters comparision

Will also be published monthly, with the images of the thermistor temperature data located at different depths from the surface to 200 meters.

Air temparature Air temparature Sea temperature Sea temperature Atmospheric pressure Atmospheric pressure Speed of wind Speed of wind Average wind speed Average wind speed

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