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This system is composed by two Wavescan buoys, wave directional buoys, measuring meteorology, wave and environmental parameters.

Those buoys are coupled with a set of thermistors for collecting temperature data at different layers and one has an Acoustic Doppler current profiler. The land part of the station consists of a telemetric system and a computer for data reception.

The Wavescan buoy automatically collects raw data, processes it in-situ, stores it on board and transmits data to the user via radio or satellite link. Thus the data will be available to the user in near real time.

The raw data stored on board is suited for pos-processing, validation and quality control performed by IH technicians.

These buoys are equipped with the following sensors:

  • Wavesense 3 (Fugro Oceanor, integrated wave sensor and data logger)
  • Wind speed and direction (Young)
  • Air pressure (Vaisala)
  • Air temperature (Vaisala)
  • Relative humidity ((Vaisala)
  • Oil spil (Nereides Oil Spy)
  • Oxygen (Royce)
  • Chlorophyll-a (Chelsea MiniTracka II)

The mooring includes also other sensors:

  • Temperature (Sea Bird, SBE 39-IM)
  • Current profiler (RDI WorkHorse Sentinel, 300 KHz)

This monitoring system is complemented with 2 Valeport stations from the National Tide Gauge network responsability of Instituto Hidrográfico, located at Peniche and Nazaré, and also, with a meteorological station from Ferrel-Peniche.

The Aanderaa Automatic Weather Station 2700 has the following parameters:

  • Wind Speed (2740)
  • Wind direction (2750)
  • Wind Gust (3590)
  • Air Pressure (2810)
  • Air Temperature (3455)
  • Relative Humidity (3445)
  • Solar Radiation (2770)
  • Rainfall (3864)
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